Here at Round Lake we offer the most attractive and freshest fruit and vegetable trays to dress up your displays for the holidays or the big game. Tracy can show you store-tested favorites you’ll want to carry. We come up with new ideas each occasion, and every season, to make your displays pop; guaranteeing your store display to be the talk of the competition.

Seasonal Trays

Eating Healthy Everyday

broccoli stirfry

Here at Round Lake we believe in our product and a healthy way of eating.  We are excited to offer endless combinations of fruit and vegetables so our customers can feed their families fresh produce everyday with convenience.

4th of July

Fruit Salad

As we celebrate our nations independence, we take the opportunity to gather together as friends and family with great food! Round Lake has everything you need to make your gathering a hit! We send out a special thank you to all the brave men and women that serve this country so we can be free!

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